Keystone means professional collection at the highest level.

Keystone Collections Group performs all forms of current and delinquent government collections.
From earned income to business privilege, from refuse to real estate, let Keystone turn your receivables into cash.

Contact Keystone Collections Group to help achieve your goals.

At Keystone, we know that earning the best bottom-line revenues for our clients only occurs because we keep our standards high. That includes intelligent and caring customer service for taxpayers and residents. We recognize the importance of providing respectful treatment and high quality service to each resident. This service begins with easy-to-understand tax forms, knowledgeable customer service representatives and courteous responses to tax inquiries.

Our superior technology is merged with a staff that ranks among the most knowledgeable and friendly in the tax collection business. Our goal is to insure that each taxpayer who calls or visits our offices will be greeted with a fast, friendly and professional experience.

Uniting our technology and customer services with our strong legal expertise in tax compliance and enforcement, and you have a collection firm that will meet your objective and live up to your expectations. You have Keystone.