Act 32 changed the landscape of PA earned income tax collections.
Keystone Collection Group understands the three most important factors for you under the new law. We stand ready to deliver:

  • Increased Revenue
  • High Speed Service
  • Accountability


When it comes to helping governments achieve rapid, accurate and fair tax collection, Keystone’s reputation is second to none. We utilize proprietary workflow applications, high-speed imaging scanners and handwriting recognition technology, and more legal horsepower than any other collection company in the state.


Our clients have a tax collection partner they know will deliver. We’ve made significant investments in technology fully integrated with key customer service applications, making tax collection easy for our clients.

Keystone’s legal foundation enables us to efficiently reconcile with taxpayers, especially those who may have been delinquent in the past.

This combination of superior technology, legal expertise and professional responsibility provides the most accurate, effective and fair tax collection model in the State today.