e-file 4th Quarter EIT Estimates by January 15

Use e-file to pay your 4th Quarter earned income tax estimate payment.

With e-file you may schedule your payment to arrive on or before the Jan. 15 due date.

e-file will help ensure that you’ve met your local tax obligation by helping you calculate your quarterly tax payment, based on your net profits or earned income.

If you are self-employed or your employer does not withhold the local earned income tax from payroll, PA law requires you to pay the tax quarterly.

Pay your tax on time to avoid statutory interest, penalty and costs.

State law provides a safe harbor for those who self-report the tax quarterly and pay at least 90% of their tax liability on or before the 4th quarter due date of Jan. 15. Or, if you timely pay all four quarterly equal payments totaling last year’s (2018) tax liability, you may also qualify for a safe harbor against statutory penalty, interest and costs if you still owe tax when you file your annual return in April.

January 7, 2020