e-file Your Local Earned Income Tax Return

Use Keystone’s fast and friendly e-file to file your 2019 annual local earned income tax return.

If you are anticipating a refund this year, e-file is the fast way to get your money.

Keystone still mails paper tax returns, but, increasingly, Pennsylvanians are turning to e-file.

e-file automatically adapts to any platform, so filing on your smart phone is a breeze.

You only need to provide a minimum amount of information, such as your wages, local tax withholding and where you lived during the year. You don’t have to worry about most forms or calculations – e-file does the work for you.

Did you move during the year? e-file will apportion your earned income and tax liability for each municipality where Keystone serves as the Tax Officer.

Did you work outside of Pennsylvania? e-file will apply your out-of-state tax credits to your local liability.

If you owe tax, you can file your return today and schedule payment to arrive on or before the due date.

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January 7, 2020