Pay Sets 2019 Interest Rate at 6%
For Late Tax Payments

The PA Department of Revenue has set the annual interest rate for late-filed tax payments at 6% in 2019.

Interest accrues on late payments at 0.5% per month on the tax balance due. Whether through payroll withholding or self-reporting, payments are due to the Tax Officer within 15 days following the close of each calendar quarter.

If you are self-employed or if your employer does not withhold your tax from payroll, use Keystone's e-file to ensure your payment arrives by the quarterly due date.

Late or incorrect reporting may result in interest, penalty and additional collection costs if:

  • less than 90% of quarterly tax liability for the current tax year remains unpaid by the end of the fourth quarter filing deadline; OR
  • the taxpayer has not made four equal and timely estimate payments totaling 100% of the prior tax-year's liability.

Visit Keystone's FAQs for more information on local income tax reporting requirements.

March 15, 2019