Tyrone Borough/Blair County
e-Pay Property Tax Online

Keystone welcomes residents of Tyrone Borough to e-Pay local and county property tax online.

Use the invoice number on the bill Keystone mailed to you on March 1 to access your online account through e-Pay. You get a 2% discount if you pay the tax on or before April 30.

Blair County is including detailed information on your tax bill. You can now see how your county tax is apportioned.

You never need to pay for a stamp – either to remit payment or to request a receipt. With e-Pay you get online confirmation that your bill is paid. e-Pay will email your receipt to you. This is particularly useful if you qualify for the PA Property Tax Rebate Program.

e-Pay is free if you make payment through your bank account. You may also pay by credit card and Google Pay. First Data Corp. assesses a 2.5% processing fee on credit card transactions (with a minimum of $1).

March 4, 2019