Keystone Adds Google Pay Option
For Real Estate Tax and Per Capita Tax

Keystone is now accepting Google Pay as a payment option for current real estate tax and for per capita/occupation tax. You can now use your Google Pay app when paying your tax online with Keystone’s e-Pay.

Google Pay works just like a credit card payment. Simply select Google Pay from the payment options menu. Note: First Data Corp. charges a 2.5% credit card processing fee on each credit card transaction (with a minimum of $1).

Google Pay is available for e-Pay users only. You must have the Google Pay app downloaded on the device you are using to pay your tax.

Keystone’s e-Pay is the easy, fast and secure way to pay your current real estate tax and your per capita/occupation tax online. There is no processing fee if you make an online payment directly from your bank account.

March 15, 2019