e-file Your Local Tax Return Today

It is now even easier to file your local tax return online with Keystone’s newest version of e-file.

Keystone still mails millions of paper tax returns throughout Pennsylvania, but residents are turning to online filing.

e-file takes less time, gets you your refund faster, and is the easiest way to file your local tax return.

With e-file, you only have to provide the minimum amount of information needed to file a local tax return: wages, withholding and legal residence. You don’t have to worry about forms or calculations – e-file does the work for you.

Whether you moved, worked in multiple places, or have several types of income – e-file helps to ensure your return is correct the first time.

You can file a return today and schedule your payment for Tax Day, April 15.

Click here to begin.

January 15, 2019