e-Pay Real Estate and Per Capita Tax

Keystone's e-Pay is the easy, fast and secure way to pay your real estate tax, per capita tax, occupation assessment tax, or storm water management fee.

Simply enter the invoice number from your bill and make a secure payment from your bank account – with no processing fee.

You can also pay by credit card. First Data Corp charges a 2.5% bank processing fee for a transaction (with a $1 minimum).

e-Pay will send you an email letting you know your payment is on its way.

e-Pay also lets you pay your delinquent per capita and occupation assessment tax online.

You can e-Pay your taxes using any mobile device, or on your PC or Mac.

Property Tax Rebate ...

If you need a real estate tax receipt for the state property tax rebate program, e-Pay will provide one for you. Simply follow the easy instructions from the e-Pay home page.

April 18, 2018