Bensalem Earned Income Tax

Keystone Collections Group is the tax administrator for Bensalem Township’s 1% earned income tax.

Taxpayers should verify their employer is withholding at the correct rate, and that the Bensalem resident address is current. To confirm the proper address information for your employer, click here for a certificate of residency. Please fill out the form, and provide it to your employer.

If you work out of state, ask your employer to withhold the tax for you. Many out-of-state employers already extend this courtesy to their workers who reside in Pennsylvania. If your employer does not withhold the tax, or if you are self-employed, you must pay your taxes quarterly. Click here to e-file.

If you have questions about the tax, visit Keystone’s FAQs.

Businesses can file employee withholdings online with Keystone’s e-file business.