File Past Due Tax Returns Online

Missed the 2015 tax filing deadline?

Keystone’s e-file is the quick and easy way to file your 2015 past-due local earned income tax return.

State law requires all Pennsylvanians with earned income or net profits to file a local tax return – even if your employer withheld the local taxes from your paycheck. You must still file a return, even if you paid your taxes in 2015 and are not due a refund.

If you have not yet filed a local tax return for 2015, you must do so now. With e-file, you can still file your past-due return in just minutes. Keystone’s e-file will automatically calculate any penalty, interest and Act 192 costs you may owe, and you can conveniently pay using your bank account or a credit card.

For more information on state filing requirements, due dates or penalties, interest and costs, visit Keystone’s Frequently Asked Questions. If you worked out of state or are otherwise ineligible to e-file, you can download a paper form here.

April 19, 2016