Forest County Joins Keystone

Forest County is the latest Tax Collection District to select Keystone Collections Group as its earned income and local services tax collector. Keystone serves county-wide tax collection districts across Pennsylvania.

Known for its awe-inspiring beauty, Forest County, in northwestern Pennsylvania, is located within the Allegheny National Forest. It boasts some of the state’s most popular hiking, camping and fishing.

“Whether a business is located in the center of a major city or in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest, Keystone’s advanced technology makes it possible for employers to quickly and easily upload their tax information and submit their payment, often in just minutes,” said Jayson Lawson, Keystone’s associate general counsel. Keystone then takes it from there, distributing the withholdings to the resident municipalities and school districts where the taxpayers live.

“Every community’s needs are similar when it comes to tax administration – a reliable source of revenue delivered securely and on time to provide necessary services to their residents and visitors,” Lawson said. Keystone uses proprietary tax collection software for the fastest and most accurate collection and distribution of local tax dollars in the state.

Because earned income tax is withheld by employers, Keystone will communicate directly and educate Forest County employers in the upcoming months. Employers, self-employed residents and individuals who pay quarterly can set up their accounts with Keystone for a smooth transition to the new tax collector for 2016. Keystone encourages online filing whenever possible and offers live support to assist taxpayers and businesses.

September 25, 2015