Delinquent Recovery

Keystone’s Legal Division focuses on tax law compliance and the recovery of delinquent taxes.
Our objectives are to place all taxpayers onto the tax rolls, and to recover all taxes previously unpaid to your former collector.
First, all current taxes should be collected, with strong incentives for residents to timely pay current taxes. Every effort is made to prevent current taxes from going delinquent.
Second, delinquencies should be recovered quickly. The delinquent taxpayer should be returned to the current taxpayer roll in a fair and dignified manner. The recovery of delinquencies includes locating taxes improperly disbursed to another municipality, and returning this money to your community.
For example, the earned income tax is a "self-reported" tax under Pennsylvania law. Therefore, local governments largely rely upon the taxpayer to honestly and accurately self report his or her total earned income.
Tens of billions of dollars go unreported each year across Pennsylvania. Keystone fixes that problem by helping to ensure honesty and accuracy in reporting and collection.

Legal action on delinquents:

We provide personal attention and respectful treatment to your taxpayers. Your residents have every opportunity to establish reasonable plans to pay their tax obligation in a dignified manner.
Tax scofflaws and persons who simply choose to ignore multiple notices and warnings sent by Keystone are ultimately referred and handled through the legal system by special counsel. Importantly, you are not charged additional legal fees, even when these cases rise to the highest levels of the court system.
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