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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I register as an Employer?

+ Where do I find the applicable tax rate(s) for employee withholding?

+ How do I identify the taxing jurisdiction of my employee’s residence?

+ What should I do if my employees live out of state?

+ Is there an easy way to report and withhold employee earnings?

+ Does every employee have to fill out a Certificate of Residency?

+ If my employee lives and works in an area that doesn’t levee an earned income tax, should I report anything for that individual?

+ We are a business. Do we need to send W-2s or is an employee listing sufficient?

+ Our business sends EIT withholdings monthly instead of quarterly. Do we follow a different reporting format to identify the payment detail?

+ I operate more than one business. If one business has a PROFIT and the other business has a LOSS, can I enter the net?

+ What is Act 32?

+ Where can I find additional information on the requirements of Act 32?

+ If my business is located in an area that doesn’t levee an earned income tax, do I have to withhold anything for my employees?

+ If I am a tax preparer, am I able to use the eFile Business Portal to file online for my clients?

+ Should I submit the Certificate of Residency form to Keystone?

+ What do I do if my employee moves part way through the reporting period?

+ How often are employers required to submit tax revenue to the tax collector?

+ When are employers required to reconcile employee withholdings to the tax collector?

+ What if the business closes during the tax year?

+ If my business has multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania can the employee withholdings be submitted to a single tax collector?